Training Guides

Training Guides are an exceptional tool for the first-timer, to the experienced athlete. Knowing when to run, and to how much to run, can help to keep your training on course.

The IMT Des Moines Marathon realizes that athletes come in all sorts of shapes, sizes and skill levels. Rather than offer a standard training plan, we encourage you to consult resources designed to get you to the start line on race day. Whether it be support from your local run club, or a training plan that you download from the internet (use caution).

As as result, we have partnered with Jeff Galloway, U.S. Olympian and America’s Running Coach, to provide you with the following Run-Walk-Run® method designed specifically by Jeff for IMT Des Moines Marathon athletes … to get you to the finish line on race day.


Jeff Galloway – IMT Des Moines Marathon Training Guide. Click here.

Half Marathon

Jeff Galloway – IMT Des Moines Half Marathon Training Guide. Click here.

I-35 Challenge

Jeff Galloway – I-35 Challenge Training Guide. Click here.

5-Mile Run

MercyOne 5-Mile Training Guide. Click here.

5K Road Race

Developing a 5K Plan

Principal 5K Road Race Training Guide. Click here.

1-Mile Run

American Heart Association – MercyOne 1-Mile Walk Walking Plan. Click here.

Kids Run

Hy-Vee KidsFit offers a daily program of activities for children to build endurance and increase self-confidence. Check out the various Hy-Vee KidsFit 5K Training Guides designed to encourage kids to get fit and stay fit.

5K Training Guide – Rookie

5K Training Guide – Pro

5K Training Guide – All Star