OCTOBER 16 & 17, 2021



Countdown to Race Day








"It was awesome!
My first half marathon and it couldn't have been a better course to start with! The support groups and volunteers were amazing.
It was a well run day start to finish!"
"The hospitality, scenic course and race amenities make this a world-class race for sure!"
"Fantastic event!
The course displayed a lot of Des Moines and was lined with spectators throughout."
"I can think of only a handful of times when I've posted five stars across the board.
In this case, I would have considered six stars."
"It should be on every marathoner’s to-do list,” Jeff Galloway, U.S. Olympian and
America's Running Coach.
"I'd recommend this race
to any and to all.
The I-35 Challenge makes Iowa
a great option for 50 State clubs."
"An overall great race!
Thanks to all of the volunteers who were cheering.
That support was amazing!"
"The IMT Des Moines Marathon knows how to celebrate the sport of running ...
for all ages!"
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Twenty Years and Still Running

Twenty Years and Still Running

by Shelia Maddock Many of the events or activities that become an integral part of our lives result from careful thought and long-term planning; others.... happen almost unexpectedly. As I lined up to run the inaugural Des Moines Half Marathon, little did I realize...

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Bless this Run

Bless this Run

by Ann Clinton I always trace my finger over it as I double knot the strings of my trainers in advance of a workout. It’s my prayerful ritual that sets me up for whatever is ahead. Some days it takes an act of God to get me running. Other days, I practically trip over...

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The Unconventional Athlete

The Unconventional Athlete

by Stefanie Harper You have to start somewhere. 9 years ago, I began a journey that is anything but ordinary or predictable. The start of my journey can be credited, in part, to the exhilaration I felt after completing my first 5k. As everything else related to my...

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For more information about the Des Moines Marathon, including sponsorship opportunities please contact Chris Burch at 515-288-2692 or