Race Expo 2014

My favorite part of race weekend is… the FREE stuff!

No, seriously it is. I am totally into getting all the free stuff I can jam into that frustratingly small bag at packet pick up. Traci here to remind you of all the awesome swag you are going to get in a few days!

Remember that entry fee you actually paid to put yourself through extreme pain this weekend? Well guess what?!  It wasn’t in vain after all. Trust me when I tell you that it was completely worth it.

Your mind is about to be blown. You are going to be rained on with free stuff for several days. So brace yourself.

It will start with an email containing your virtual race packet which will include links to tons of deals ranging from future race discounts to coupons for various products like gear or food. Sound good? Great, but the fun is just getting started.

Later on this week, we have Christmas, I mean the Race Expo. Booth upon booth upon booth of all the free pens, hard candy, cowbells, temporary tattoos and other awesome trinkets your little heart can desire. You may even be lucky enough to snag a complementary water bottle, GU, Bondi Band, t-shirt or other racing necessity you never knew you needed. Guess what else? You can bring a friend. Or five. It doesn’t matter. Free stuff for all. No joke.

After you have browsed the bounty of booths you will get ANOTHER race packet, sans the virtual. This will include your sort-of-free official IMT DMM shirt as well as more coupons, discounts, and maybe even a few samples of snacks or post-race health aids. It’ll have the official race guide, your bib, four trusty safety pins and a few other items necessary for you on race day.

But folks- it doesn’t stop there. Nope, more to come. After you survive your race distance (yes you will survive) you get a sort-of-free finishers medal! These medals may be the reason I run races. When I was a child kids didn’t get medals just for participating in sports like they do today. I still have the two trophies and three ribbons I obtained over my childhood years tucked away in a storage bin somewhere in basement (who am I kidding I know exactly where they are).

But things have certainly changed. MY kids have more trophies and medals for participation in sports then they can even manage. I find medals strewn in the bottom of toy boxes, tiny trophies taped to tree houses, and certificates of completion crumpled in bedroom corners.

But when I run races, it’s my turn. I get medals now too. Big, shiny, colorful medals that even my childrens dulled senses become envious of.

I know this is starting to sound like an infomercial…

But wait- there’s more!

After the race you also get unlimited options of free food! Table after table of goodies. Free drinks for both the lover of beer or the chugger of water. Booths with even more free product samples. Tents with free muscle massages from experts… FREE FREE FREE!

So, if you aren’t excited to run your race (or even if you are!) it’s time to get amped up for The Mooooost Wonderful Tiiiiiime… Of the Year… Race Weekend!

As always, happy running folks!