Training for any big event can be tough. The days are getting shorter, the nights are getting longer, work and kid stress make you want to stick something in your eye, you’ve got some weird pain in your ear that’s making you not want to train because WebMD told you that you might have an earwig that has buried itself in your brain…wait…that’s not right…we’ve all got 1,000 reasons not to lace up those shoes every chance that you get. One thing that I’ve learned over the past 15 years is that you NEED to stay consistent in most of the aspects of your training. 

Every Monday morning, I meet up with a group of guys (we call ourselves the “Breakfast Club”. They are some of my best friends and people that I can trust more than most people. Most of them I would give any expendable organ too…except for one of these guys…I’ll let you decide who 🙂 

One thing that I’ve learned is that these guys keep me working hard. A couple have been dealing with some nagging injuries that have made it difficult for them to join us, but they are still a part of our “club” of guys. We confess our concerns about our kids, we have sessions where we complain about our kid’s soccer coaches…which I am the coach for most of their kids…we talk about our fears in our lives, we complain about our jobs, etc. Although we all come from different backgrounds, different life experiences, different beliefs in whose football team is the better team, we all share one thing. We all want to push each other to be better. Not necessarily as just runners, but in life. We can’t all run the times of the 17-year old that runs with us, but for those mornings when he is forced to back off the pace a little bit we get to show him some of what being an adult can look like. 

There are definitely those Monday mornings at 4:15 when the alarm goes off and it’s -20 out that I don’t want to go, but talking through life during a run is a BEAUTIFUL experience that not everyone gets to be a part of. We all know that if one of us is struggling with something when that alarm goes off every Monday morning, there is going to be a group of guys that are willing to listen and share a “bro-hug”. There have been scientific surveys done that show so much tension and stress can be taken off of your shoulders by running and talking…OK…maybe I made it up but it sounds true 😉 

I formed this private FB group a couple of years ago as an opportunity for a group of guys to get together and build each other up. I am a firm believer in “iron sharpens iron” and that’s what we are trying to do. Build each other up physically, emotionally and spiritually. 

My urge to all of you is to find a group of people that you can trust. Those people you can share your darkest moments with. Those people who you’d lay down your life for. Schedule a repeating time every week where you can just run together. We actually have our own private Facebook group where we post about our runs and make fun of each other. Not every run is going to be a race pace and not meant to crush the others, but experience life together on the road, the trail or wherever. Life is short, make sure to find your “Breakfast Club”.

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