Where my runners at?! Hands up if you, like me, are ready for pedicure season! If you’re a regular
runner, you likely know it can do a number on your feet. I’ve certainly put my toes through the test
myself – scroll down to see my most recent injury.

Whether you’re used to the pedicure struggle or not, it’s time to kickstart into training season! There are
so many running events to choose from in the summer and fall that it can make your mind (and legs!)
burst with anticipation!

If you have not already, it is time to get a race on the fall docket, and what better race than the IMT Des
Moines Marathon.

In fact, it is important to always have a race on the calendar. Having a race on the calendar keeps you
always motivated to run. If you have a goal scheduled and planned (and paid for!) it is easier to keep
your motivation going strong than if you are simply “thinking about doing a race in the fall.”

If you always have an event on the calendar you are always training too. You stay fit, stay healthy and
you never have to start your training over. Sadly I did not follow my own advice this spring and I am
definitely regretting it as my running schedule has suffered. I am now starting training for the full in
October and have much more work to do than if I were already 13.2 ready.

If you aren’t always training you also risk repeat injuries. I have had stress fractures from starting back
up after small breaks from running because I pushed myself too hard too fast. I have had runners knee
from trying to get in too many miles too soon. And if somehow you forgot, see my current toenail
situation in the above photograph. Staying in running shape means staying less apt to injury.

Additionally, I prefer to always have a race planned because it is easier to balance my diet and nutrition
intake. When I am regularly running I can eat more calories, and need different, heavier, carbohydrates,
than when I am not running. There are certain diets that do not work as well for me when I am training,
like lower carb or Whole30. But if I am not training, and I eat like I am, I will gain weight. If I am always
running, I don’t have to worry about it (hello sweet potato fries!).

But… the BEST reason for always having a race on the calendar is when you can run for FREE!

Yes you read that correctly, free race entries are coming soon! At the end of this month I will be giving
away three free IMT Des Moines Marathon race entries on my personal blog, www.mamagottarun.com!
If you haven’t registered yet, no fear, free entries are here!

More details will come very soon, but I wanted you all to be the first to know. In the meantime, what
races are you running this year? I’d love to know!
As always, happy running.

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