The year 2020 brought the excitement of a new decade, but has proved to be one of the most challenging times for not only our country and the entire world. The Covid-19 pandemic has influenced all of us in unique ways. As we all navigate our new “normal,” familiar activities are comforting and offer a sense of security and routine.

Running is constant. It will not go away. As I head out the door, I welcome the wave of fellow runners. Some have never set foot on the pavement until the pandemic, while others continue as if nothing has changed. The running community is stronger than ever and welcomes everyone from the novice to the elite.

If you are struggling to run during the pandemic due to uncertainty, canceled races, or lack of motivation, I urge you to lace up your shoes once again and remember these 5 things:

  • Running is peaceful – Running is the perfect time to clear your head and release negative feelings.
  • Running offers community- Runners have a unique way of relating to one another. Regardless of pace, we are all covering the distance to the best of our ability.
  • Running is for everyone– There are very few sports that simply require a pair of shoes and the desire to put one foot in front of the other. Young or old, fast or slow, running doesn’t care.
  • Running boosts endorphins- The act of running produces endorphins. Endorphins signal to your brain a sense of reduced stress and overall well-being.
  • Running improves overall health– Running is one of the most primal forms of exercise. It is an excellent way to keep up your fitness and health while our fitness centers are closed.

I am looking forward to the day when we can return to our gyms, running groups, and feel the excitement of a road race. Until then, you will find me on the road. Working on improving and setting my eyes on fall road races, including the IMT Des Moines half marathon.

Happy Running!

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