Discover a variety of expert resources and programs designed not only to get you to the finish line, but to provide you with a more enjoyable experience on race day.


Y GO THE DISTANCE available to YMCA members at participating branches in the Greater Des Moines area, offers its own run club at each branch, where members can focus on training for the half marathon with week-by-week training formats and YMCA staff and volunteer led group runs. More info.

CAPITAL STRIDERS running club is on a mission to promote and encourage running through the education of the community on the benefits of physical fitness and amateur sport. With events throughout the year and weekly training opportunities for runners of all abilities, this is your run club. More info.

ROAD RUNNERS CLUB OF AMERICA The IMT Des Moines Marathon and Capital Striders are members of the Road Runners Club of America and serve as the RRCA State Championship for Iowa in the 5K, 10 Mile, Half Marathon and Marathon distance. A run club is a great way to meet & train with others. Learn more.


IMT DMM LiveTracking is available for free download through the iTunes and Google play stores.

TRAINING GUIDES are an exceptional tool for the first-timer to advanced athlete. Know when to start and to how much to run by following these week-by-week guides that offer daily mileage recommendations. Don’t forget that rest means rest!

Developing a 5K Plan

Principal 5K Road Race Training Guide

Mercy Live Up Loop 5-Mile Run Training Guide

IMT Des Moines Half Marathon Training Guide

IMT Des Moines Marathon Training Guide

IMT Des Moines Marathon & Half Marathon Experienced Training Guide

I-35 Challenge Marathon & Half Marathon Training Guide

PACE CHARTS are an exceptional tool to find out what pace you have to maintain per mile in order to finish your race in a goal time. Don’t forget to not start out too fast!

IMT Des Moines Marathon Pace Chart

IMT Des Moines Half Marathon Pace Chart

Runners World pace chart

Cool Running pace calculator

On the Course

GATORADE ENDURANCE is scientifically formulated to meet the needs of endurance athletes. It contains a five-electrolyte blend including nearly twice the sodium (200 mg) and more than three times the potassium (90 mg) compared to original Gatorade Thirst Quencher. Drink Gatorade Endurance to help sustain hydration, maintain proper fluid balance and help replace key electrolytes lost in sweat during long distance training and racing. Fuel your pre-race training with Gatorade Endurance.

GU ENERGY provides athletes with a dose of 100 calories to deliver high-quality, easily-digested and long-lasting energy for athletes in every sport and at all levels. Everything inside each packet of GU Energy is engineered to do one simple thing: provide your body with the essential nutrition it needs to keep going for miles and miles and hours and hours. It goes down easy, and it goes to work fast so you don’t have to slow down.

CHOCOLATE MILK has shown that what you do as part of your AFTER workout routine is just as important as the workout itself. Low-fat chocolate milk has what it takes to help you recover and Hiland Dairy Chocolate Milk has the right mix of proteins and carbohydrates to refuel and rebuild exhausted muscles so you can push further tomorrow.