What to get the runner who has it all? Secret Santa running club ideas needed? Stocking stuffers for your favorite marathoner?

Although picking out the perfect holiday gift for a loved one can be challenging, picking out the perfect holiday gift for the runner in your life can be difficult too.

Here are five holiday gift ideas for runners sure to stop them in their tracks:


  • Gift cards to local running or athletic gear stores. Running itself is a cheap sport, all you need is a trail or sidewalk and you’re off. It’s the shoes, socks, hydration, nutrition, gear, running clothing for all weather and terrains, etc., that add up. Even a gift card for a small amount can make a big difference.
  • Identification on the go. One of my all-time favorite running gifts is my ROAD iD bracelet.  This is an identification badge, mine is a bracelet although they have other options, that displays your name, phone number, emergency contacts, medical conditions, or anything else important you’d like to include. This is a smart idea for the runner who runs outside alone. You can purchase pet IDs, kid IDs, and even apparel. Best part? The company also has gift cards so your loved one can create their own ID with your money- everyone wins.
  • Entry fees! Runners love to race but hate to pay the registration fees. The cost of running races can add up. Offer to pay for your runner to participate in their favorite races, like the IMT Des Moines Marathon, I-35 Challenge or another race on their bucket list.
  • Nostalgia. Frame a running photo for your friend. Some of my best memories in life have come from running. I have pictures of my brother and I after races, my hubby and I post-run, my friends and I after races, my family cheering me on at the finish line… Recently I was given a framed photo of a friend and me after the 2019 IMT DMM, and I love it. 
  • Stocking stuffers and more. Grab a new pair of crew socks, and start stuffing! Whether you go crazy and buy your runner a new Garmin watch or keep it simple with a few small tokens, there are many stocking stuffer ideas to choose from. KT Tape, Clif Shot Bloks, personalized socks, funky shoelaces, blister bandages, salt tablets, 13.1 or 26.2 magnets, a running journal, running sweatbands, audiobook credits, and massage gift cards are just a few ideas that would bring holiday joy to any runner.

Bottom line? Just show you care. As with any gift you give, give it with love.

Runners are overall a pretty easy bunch to please. Honestly, most of us will just be thrilled that you thought enough to tailor your gift to our favorite activity. 

Best of luck shopping, and happy holidays!

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