It’s Traci here. So I’ve been running a lot more lately. A lot more. This means that my mind is also running (pun intended) a lot more too.

…Before I run in the morning…

  • Did my alarm really just go off already…
  • Regretting that second glass of wine last night.
  • If I wasn’t training right now I’d totally hit snooze.
  • (after checking my weather app) Welp, it looks like I can’t use rain as an excuse today.

…While I am running…

  • Holy crap was that a spider or a small bird on that web?!
  • Man this first mile is always so hard in the morning. I will feel so much better after I hit mile 2 or 3…
  • (after hitting mile 3) …I will feel so much better after I hit mile 4…
  • No. Way. Did they really put that end table out for the garbage truck to take away? Maybe I should circle back and go get my car?
  • (as I pass another runner) Seriously, did she just have on full makeup before a 6 a.m. run? And her shorts match her shirt? Ugh.
  • I really should have brushed my teeth before I left the house.
  • (replay about ten recent conversations in my head)
  • I wonder if the kids will be awake when I get back or if I’ll have a few minutes of silence before the storm? (plans the quietest way to reenter the house)

…After I run…

  • That felt amazing! (while crossing another day off the training plan)
  • I am so glad I got out of bed and got my run in early.
  • Coffee! Banana! NOW!
  • To the bathroom (urgency depends on how long the run was).
  • When is my next run?

As always, happy running!