Hey, it’s Traci here.

Although I am not looking forward to the pain I will feel in about a month, once I have finished running two half marathons in two days, I can’t pretend like the day or two after a running event is the only pain runners feel. Enter: The Runners Blues (and I am not talking about sad feelings here folks).

Training, although absolutely necessary to build mind, muscle, bone and lung strength, can definitely take a toll on a runner’s body too.

Gripe session anyone?

Blue toenails and bleeding blisters are battle wounds many runners wear with pride. Who needs pretty pedicures anyway?! Although I haven’t lost any toenails this training go-around (yet), I have one toe that has lost its nail twice from running in recent years. I am currently battling some pretty nasty heal blisters which make my doubled up runs this weekend not something I am looking forward to either. Ugh.

Stress fractures can happen too. I had one a few years ago in my shin (thought it was shin splints- another runner’s nightmare) but finally went to the doctor to discover this wonderful diagnosis. Sadly, I had no one to blame but myself on this one… I started running too many miles too quickly for about a week and didn’t follow the “Increase only by 10%” rule that I now preach.

Runner’s Knee is an actual thing. I only start to feel significant knee pain when it is 1) time for new Brooks, or 2) a run longer than 13 miles. But not all runners were created equal. My poor husband has to spend a good deal of time before and after every run rolling out his IT Bands and knees or he will most definitely get sore knees. He even has to do this for short runs. In addition to rolling, KT Tape can really help provide some knee support too.

And finally, drum roll please, my lungs. I have had a minor cold in my lungs for over three weeks now. I feel like I just can’t quite get over it. Running helps loosen things up in my chest, but I also believe that it makes my lungs less able to heal from this cold as quickly. I can’t stop my trainining now, one month out from the big race weekend, so I have to deal with my lungs fighting me for a while longer.

I hope you aren’t experienceing any of these complaints right now and that your training is right on track. If you are feeling some of the Blues of Running, know that you are not alone. Also know that it will get better. You and your body will get stronger and stronger.

Keep up that training, and as always, Happy Running.