The Finish Line is Just the Beginning – 3 Life Lessons Everyone Can Learn from GOTR

About four years ago, when I first signed up as a coach for Girls on the Run, I simply thought it would be a great volunteering opportunity. It still is to this day – but little did I know how much of an impact it would have on my life these past four years.

I think most GOTR coaches can agree with me when I say that I never expected to learn as much from the girls and they learn from our curriculum. When I have a constant daily reminder from the girls each practice that “You can do anything you set your mind to,” it’s so inspiring that I can’t help but apply that to my own life. This is why I continue to stay involved with this program, and I believe that there are 3 big life lessons that everyone can learn from Girls on the Run.

1. Learn to better understand yourself by finding personal balance.

Now for most runners, balance may look like trying to stand steady on one foot or making sure you’ve developed a steady, even stride. Balance in GOTR is so much more than that – it is a combination of activity, brain, emotion, people, and physical health. When you are working to find balance in these five categories, you are working on a holistic, better version of yourself. So whether it’s eating more leafy greens, practicing patience with coworkers, or learning karate, taking into account all 5 categories and where you need improvement will help you so much in the long run of life!

2. Learn to celebrate your personal uniqueness and build connections from common threads.

At Girls on the Run, we highly value relationships and teamwork. In order to maintain and form these special relationships, it is important to understand what makes us all individually unique and how our unique puzzle pieces fit into the greater commonality of our team as a whole. What strengths can you contribute to make the team stronger? What areas do you need to work on so that others on the team can put you on their back? One thing I’ve learned from coaching is that it is in those times of admitting weakness and weirdness that we form those deep, meaningful trust in relationships

3. Activating your Star Power – recognizing how we can have an impact on the world!

If there is just ONE concept from GOTR that can be applied to daily life, this is it. STAR POWER is the personal light that shines within each of us. Everyone’s light is different, but all light is beautiful in its own way. It is how we use that light to impact others – and eventually the world – that leaves us feeling satisfied. At the end of each practice, the girls nominate a teammate for an energy award, which is given to a girl who exemplifies our GOTR values and goes above and beyond in some way. I challenge you to give yourself an energy award at the end of each day. In what ways did you activate your personal Star Power and impact the world today? STAR POWER YOU!

Throughout this blog series, I highlighted each of Girls on the Run’s Core Values – a little reminder that running encompasses so much more than simply lacing up your running shoes. Remember – THE FINISH LINE IS JUST THE BEGINNING. 


Thanks for following along on my coaching journey! 


Jordan Trannel 

Instagram: @jordtran 


Girls on the Run: @girlsontheruncentralia

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