Des Moines, IA. (Update; March 30, 2021)

The IMT Des Moines Marathon plans for an in-person event progressed today, with the event organizer announcing their Return to Race Guidelines.

“Ideally, the IMT Des Moines Marathon event weekend will look similar to what we have offered in the past while following social distancing guidelines. Activities include an indoor packet pick-up, expo, and speaker series at the Iowa Events Center.

More importantly, all of our outdoor races are scheduled to return to the streets, parks, and vibrant communities of Des Moines, with the same course enhancements we are known for.  Our priority is always the athlete experience, but reducing risk for all participants and our community is the number one goal,” said Chris Burch, IMT Des Moines Marathon Director of Racing & Events.

We have state guidelines and recommendations from the City of Des Moines for conducting an organized race/run/walk to follow. Our Return to Race Guidelines does just that. It provides the optimal opportunity for our in-person event not only to return to Des Moines but ultimately to succeed this year,” continued Burch.

“However, should our in-person events be canceled due to a resurgence of COVID-19 in Des Moines, registered athletes will be placed into the virtual event category.

The IMT Des Moines Marathon registration policy clearly states that registration fees will not be refunded, transferred, or deferred once the registration is complete,” concluded Burch.

The IMT Des Moines will post guideline updates to the event website at dmm00419.hmdev in June, September, and the week of the IMT Des Moines Marathon events October 15 to 17, 2021.

Return to Race Guidelines

The IMT Des Moines Marathon (IMT DMM) monitors CDC, IDPH, and City of Des Moines COVID-19 guidelines, proclamations, and mandates for large events and gatherings organizers to follow.

The IMT DMM Return to Race Guidelines is based on these recommendations to reduce risk and ensure our attendees’ safety and are subject to modification as COVID-19 mitigation efforts change.

Attendees should prepare themselves to agree to the IMT DMM Return to Race Guidelines mitigation plan that we ALL must follow while participating in an organized race/run/walk in Des Moines.

  • Measures to increase space use while reducing density at high traffic times and touchpoint areas may result in event reconfiguration to minimize contact at the event.
  • Hand sanitizer and hand wash stations to be made available at high touchpoint areas at the event.
  • Attendees may be asked to undergo a screening process, including a health questionnaire and temperature screen, before entering the event premises.
  • Attendees must wear a mask and observe social distancing guidelines, minimum of six (6) ft., where possible, at all indoor events.
  • Attendees are encouraged to wear a mask at outside events when social distancing is not possible. These may include pre-race staging, start line, finish line, and post-finish line before exiting the established exit-points.
  • Athletes are not required to wear a mask on the course when social distancing is possible, exercising at a moderate or high intensity (such as jogging), having difficulty breathing, or obtaining a service that would require temporary removal of their mask.
  • Staff/volunteers to escort athletes to check-in at the pre-staging area, where groups of 250 will be placed into their assigned start line corral and released onto the course in timed intervals allowing for continuous start.
  • Staff/volunteers to place bottled water or cups of water on the water station tables for self-serve athlete pick-up. Athletes are encouraged to supply and carry their hydration and nutritional supplements.
  • Staff/volunteers to escort attendees through the finish-line area to ensure continuous flow away from the direct finish line and towards the post-finish line before exiting the established exit-points.
  • Post-race medals, hydration, food will be individually wrapped in a pre-packaged grab and go or sack lunch style delivery on tables in the post-finish line area for athlete pick-up.
  • Spectators must wear a mask while attending the event and are not allowed at the start or finish line areas. Spectators are encouraged to observe social distancing from others on the course.
  • Athletes will be emailed with their assigned race number and race day arrival/start time-based on estimated finish time. Athletes who provide faster finish times during registration will likely, but not necessarily, be seeded first for timed wave starts during the race.
  • Race registration or changes, packet pick-up, and gear check will not be allowed on race-day.

To obtain a copy of the IMT Des Moines Marathon Return to Race Guidelines. Read more.

Additional Information

IMT Des Moines Marathon athlete registration fees structure. Click here.

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All registrants should read the IMT Des Moines Marathon terms and conditions and frequently asked questions.

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