View all of your IMT Des Moines Marathon race results in one place… here.

Before the Virtual Race

LiveTracking With IMT DMM LiveTracking your friends and family can follow your progress live during the virtual event simply by searching for your name by clicking here. You can then choose to post live updates to your Facebook or Twitter account with their progress. You will then be asked to log into your social media account and authorize the app to allow it to post live updates on your timeline/feed. Social Sharing.

In the IMT DMM app you can find all the information you like to know about the IMT DMM: course maps, updates via social media, LiveTracking, and more. You need the IMT DMM app with you in order to participate in the virtual event.

IMT DMM LiveTracking is available for free download through the iTunes and Google Play stores.

Online Results The End Result posts race results in real-time to the Online Race Results leader board as athletes cross timing mats located at key locations on the course. Click here.

After the Virtual Race

Following the race, search race results by bib number or athlete name. Or, view all of the race results by division, age, or gender.

Compare the previous and following athlete finisher & split times and average pace. You can also view your MarathonFoto photos from the race results page and print an official finisher certificate. And of course, share your race results on social media with all of your followers.

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