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Lindsey’s Top Training Tips for a Successful Training

#1: Your longest long run should occur 3-4 weeks before the race and should be at least 90% of the race distance! The longer, the better so that your mind and body are better prepared for the race distance.

#2: Experiment with your gear and nutrition before the race! Test out various race day clothing and accessories options to make sure they feel comfortable, function well, and help you feel confident! Additionally, test out different nutrition and hydration options throughout your training to help you figure out what sits best on your stomach, fuels you well, and that you like the best!

#3: Follow a plan! Whether you are a seasoned racer or this is your first race, you must follow a comprehensive program that spans the following schedule: 5K- 8-10 weeks; Half Marathon- 12-16 weeks; Marathon- 16-24 weeks. You’ll likely run into injuries or falter on race day if you don’t. The accountability and expertise will help you be more confident and ready for the race!

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