Para Athletes

The IMT Des Moines Marathon provides inclusive events for athletes of all skill levels and abilities.

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A waiver of liability must be signed by both the pusher (guide) and assisted (para) athlete or by a parent or legal guardian, and successful completion of a training session (race weekend) is a condition of entry.

Athletes participating in the IMT Des Moines Marathon events agree to obey and accept the rules of the race and any related events and abide by any race official’s decision concerning the athlete’s ability to complete the race safely.

The team’s responsibility is to maintain their equipment and carry a phone during the event. In wet weather, race officials will have the final determination on participation.

Para Athletes

Para  Athletes with permanent physical or intellectual challenges, who would require a second participant to push or guide them, should register as a two to five-person team in the Para Athlete race division category of the Marathon Relay. This format allows all team members to register correctly for the event they participate in and receive all the official race amenities offered.

The Para Athlete events offered are non-competitive and do not classify levels of impairment or sports class.

Awards are not presented in this race division.

Visually Impaired Athletes

Visually Impaired Athletes have impairments of the eye structure, optic nerves, or visual cortex due to injury or illness. Athletes who meet the classifications for IBSA visual impairment and seek to enter any event where they will receive aid from a non-disabled athlete (guide) must contact race officials before registering to make necessary preparations. Guides may not use a bicycle or other mechanical means of transport. The method of guidance is left to the team’s choice, with either elbow lead, rope, or run-free are permitted. Bicycles are not allowed.

Awards are not presented in this race division.

Push Rim Athletes

Non-disabled para-athletes using hand cycles or hand cranks (powered by gears or mechanical assistance) should not register in the Marathon Relay but as individual athletes in the Marathon or Half Marathon event category. Select the Push Rim or Hand-cycle race division category.

Awards are not presented in this race division.

All Push Rim athletes must wear helmets and use appropriate caution on the course. The chair shall have at least two large wheels and one small wheel. Mechanical gears or levers are not allowed that may be used to propel the chair. Push Rim athletes must ensure that no part of their lower limbs can fall to the ground or road during an event. The athlete’s responsibility is to maintain their equipment and provide a wheelchair that conforms to all the above rules.

Unified Pairing

You can partner your 5K registration with Special Olympics Iowa Unified Pairing program. This is an excellent opportunity for IMT Des Moines Marathon athletes to “partner up” with a Special Olympic athlete and participates in the Principal 5K Road Race together. You can select that you are interested in participating in the Unified Pairing program during your 5K registration. You’ll be able to meet with your unified paired athlete before the race. Click here.


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