I will be the first to admit that running is my most complicated friend.

Some days she is great and I feel like I could run for miles, conquering the world with my feet that seem more like wings. Some days she pulls me down, with each step heavier than the last, somehow managing to make a three mile run feel more like 30 miles.

This winter, running and I have not been very good friends. We have been fighting each other and I have been putting our friendship to the side, focusing on others in my life that are important too, such as my family and work.

But she is a persistent friend.

Even when I ignore her, she always waits for me. She patiently calls my name until eventually, I miss her enough to want her back in my life.

And just as the rain of the last few wet Midwestern weeks has brought out the sunshine, my dear old friend has poked her head out from the clouds too and I am ready for her to be back in my life.

I am going to run the IMT DMM full marathon in October (If I put that in print I have to follow through, right?!). I thought it interesting that the IMT DMM shared an article today on Facebook on how to run a marathon in only six months of training. Sort of like a “couch to 5K” only it’s more of a “couch to 42.195K” because although I have been running maybe 8-10 miles per week so far this year, I feel like I’m starting from the beginning.

To get me going again I have challenged myself to run every day in April. I can run any distance per day, as long as I get at least one mile in, but in order for my #runstreak to keep going, I have to run every single day. I am one week into April and I am so far still on track to reach my goal.

As I run each day, I am beginning to remember my dear friend running. Although she makes me tired and my feet and legs are sore, the peace, calmness and accomplishment that come from her reminds me of just how much I love her.

As I blog for the IMT DMM this again this year, I will continue to tell you about my training journey. I’d love to hear more about yours, too. Comment below ideas for what you do to keep your “friend running” an important part of  your life, even when you find yourself not giving her as much commitment as you should.

I am up for new suggestions to try in May! Anyone want to do a #MayRunStreak with me?