I was torn about whether or not I should continue to race. In the last nine years, I’ve gone from sedentary couch potato to race participant to foot surgery overcomer. I’ve learned something from each stage of the journey, proving that I could persevere and overcome obstacles.

I had filled out my race application and was getting ready to click “submit entry” when I panicked and closed my browser without completing the application. After doing several races on a knee scooter, I wondered if maybe it was time to retire from racing and look back on it as a crazy, unique experience that was part of my journey.

Funny how a comment or an email at just the right moment can nudge a person, though. A few days after I abandoned my race application, I received an email inviting me to blog for the 2022 IMT Des Moines Marathon.

Despite my previous reservations, I am excited to start fresh. Instead of resting on the challenges I’ve overcome thus far, I’m looking at the IMT Des Moines Half Marathon 2022 as a new opportunity. I will look forward instead of looking over my shoulder at the past.

New challenges provide new opportunities, and I am excited to find ways to conquer, press forward, and achieve new goals as I start over, training in new ways and using the past as a learning opportunity.
I look forward to sharing my progress with you as I start this new stage of my journey as an unconventional race participant.

by Stefanie Harper