I’ve been enthusiastic about sharing my experience as a new runner and an athlete fighting arthritis, but my motivation this year has been lacking.

We are just under THREE MONTHS from race day, and my training should be in full swing at this point. I should feel confident and prepared with mileage, workouts, hydration, and nutrition plans.

How is that working for me, you might be asking???? It’s not working. My longest distance thus far has been 2.5 miles. Hmmm. 2.5 is a far cry from 13.1. My lunch today was a snack-sized cheese quesadilla, and my water consumption for the entire day was 32 ounces.

This evening, my reaction was to look at this situation as “I’ve messed up, so maybe I should give up, “but that is the attitude of the old me, the pre-racer me. The challenge-loving desire to inspire part of me is kicking in, and I’m looking at my slow race preparation as an opportunity.

It’s an opportunity to evaluate my behavior and decisions and to make a conscious effort to reconfigure the behavior that will not help me reach the finish line.

To reach my goals, I need to work hard, and I’m prepared to do that.

Tomorrow is a new day, and I’m ready for it. Many components are involved in preparing for a race, and it’s time to put them together. After all, I have THREE WHOLE months ahead of me-plenty of time to set my mind to it, get back on track, and put in the miles.

I can’t imagine I’m the only one in the “uh, oh, I haven’t been training” mini-panic.

We can do this, you guys! I believe in you, and I believe in me!!!

  • By Stefanie Harper