How Does It Work

The IMT Des Moines Marathon Virtual Event takes place from October 16 through October 31, 2020.

To Register

In order to participate in the Des Moines Marathon Virtual Event you need to take the following steps:

First, register for the IMT Des Moines Marathon Virtual Event race distance that you would like to participate in. Registration in all race distances closes Sunday, October 4 at 11:59 pm.

Next, download the IMT Des Moines Marathon app, if you haven’t already. The IMT DMM app and IMT DMM Virtual Event experience are available for free download now through the iTunes and Google Play stores.

Prepare to complete your specific race distance at a date and time that works best for you beginning Friday, October 16 through Saturday, October 31, 2020.

Then, on the day that works best for your schedule, within the established two week period, start your run or walk, and be sure to take the IMT DMM app and a GPS tracking device with you. Once you complete/surpass the necessary mileage distance for your selected race distance, your results will automatically be uploaded to the IMT DMM app and ready for submission to for viewing, scoring, and further race results features.

Don’t forget to inform your supporters to download the IMT DMM app, as well as the MOTIGO app, so that they can record personal cheer messages for you to listen to during your virtual event run or walk!

Athletes competing in the virtual event anytime from October 16 through October 31 will receive:

  • SWAG including finisher medal, short-sleeve tech shirt, and race wrap. (shipped directly to each participant following the completion of the event).
  • Free download of the IMT DMM app, for details like virtual event information, starting your virtual race (capturing results), selfie filters, virtual goodies, runner playlist, and much more. Click here.
  • LiveTracking on the actual IMT Des Moines Marathon course, while you complete your virtual run distance… wherever you are.
  • Results page with personalized athlete bib, finisher certificate, and race results.
  • Interactive inspiration wall, social media channels, and virtual village giveaways.
  • In-ear audio Motigo experience for personal cheers and fun “course” entertainment on our run…wherever you are! Download the Motigo app. Click here.

To review frequently asked questions related to the virtual event, click here.

5-Mile Combo

Double your virtual event race experience by combining the IMT Des Moines 5-Mile Virtual Run with your virtual event race of choice in the IMT Des Moines Marathon Virtual Run, IMT Des Moines Half Marathon Run, or Principal 5K Virtual Run.

Register for the IMT Des Moines 5-Mile Virtual Run, and also register for the virtual event race of choice that you would like to participate in. Simply add both virtual event race distances to your shopping cart before you proceed to check out.

Or, if you are already registered for one of the virtual event race distances, go back to the virtual event registration page and add a new registration for the other virtual event distance of your choice, and you will automatically be included in the 5-Mile Combo.

During the two-week window of virtual event participation (Oct. 16 through 31) you can complete the two virtual race distances on separate occasions (dates), or at the same time.

Complete the first virtual event race distance and upload your results automatically through the IMT DMM app. Then, start the second virtual race distance you are registered for, in the same continuous run, and receive credit for both after completing the necessary distance for the 2nd virtual event.

Each athlete receives a finisher medal for each virtual event race distance completed and a commemorative 5-Mile Combo finisher medal charm, in addition to the race amenities offered in each virtual event race.

Double your races. Double your hardware.

Course Design

You can create your course and run or walk it from wherever you are.

Create a self-designed course, run an existing training route, or if you are in the Des Moines area, run or walk the actual IMT Des Moines Marathon racecourse for your race distance.

But be sure to take the IMT DMM app and a GPS tracking device with you on your virtual event run or walk. Complete your race distance in a continuous, single run, just as you would in-person on race day.

The IMT Des Moines Marathon encourages all virtual event participants to follow proper runner safety and etiquette and to consider a route that incorporates trails, bike lanes, or roads that do not attract heavy vehicle traffic.

Safety First

Please be aware of your surroundings, use running trails or sidewalks if possible, use crosswalks when crossing roads, and obey traffic laws as you are not participating on a closed course and be sure to carry your ID with you in case of an emergency.

It is always sound advice to notify someone of the vicinity of when and where you plan to complete your virtual run, as well as when you start and finish. Even if it’s leaving a post-it note on the counter at home.

For additional tips on general runner safety and etiquette from the Road Runners Club of America, click here.

In addition, follow guidance from government officials on social distancing and the CDC’s recommended steps to protecting yourself and others during a COVID-19 outbreak.

GPS Tracking

The IMT Des Moines Marathon supports the ability for virtual event participants to submit virtual race results by utilizing and uploading results from a GPS calculated distance tracking device upon completion of the virtual event race distance.

If you are using a tracking device such as Garmin Connect, Strava, Suunto, Nike, Training Peak, Polar, Zwift, MapMyRun, Apple Watch, Fitbit, Runkeeper, or a similar device/app to track your training runs… simply use the same tracking tool to track your virtual event race distance.

These GPS devices will calculate your distance accumulated in ‘real-time’. Many of these devices will analyze the uploaded data and attempt to make corrections for pauses and/or interference that may cause issues in connectivity during your workout.

As a result, you may find it necessary to plan a route that allows you to complete an additional 1/10 of a mile at the end of your virtual race to ensure that your race results meet the required distance.

You also may find it helpful, and are encouraged, to take a screenshot or photo of your virtual event race results for record-keeping purposes.

Submit Results

Congratulations on finishing your IMT Des Moines Marathon Virtual Event.

Now that you have conquered your race distance challenge, it is time to submit your virtual event race results for uploading to the leaderboard.

Return to the IMT Des Moines Marathon Virtual Event registration page and click on the Post Results button for the race distance that you participated in. To gain access to the results page to upload your results, enter your first name, last name, and email address.

Your IMT Des Moines Marathon Virtual Event results are also uploaded periodically throughout the two-week window of athlete participation to View your finish time, pace, and race statistics, along with an official finisher certificate for download, social shares, and more!

Be proud of your virtual race accomplishment and share it with your family and friends online, directly through the features int the app. Post photos using our official hashtag #IMTDMM.

Overall placement, prize money, and age division awards are not offered in the IMT Des Moines Marathon Virtual Event race series. However, your participation will count towards the Heel to Toe Club, the official IMT Des Moines Marathon loyalty rewards program.

Results (finish times), will not count towards Boston Marathon qualification times.

Cheer Messages

The IMT Des Moines Marathon Virtual Event offers athletes the ability to listen to cheer messages during their run thanks to our partners at Motigo.

Imagine hearing cheers from friends, family, even those who are thousands of miles away.

Personalize your IMT Des Moines Marathon Virtual Event race day experience using your favorite music/apps – just add the free Motigo for a truly unique run and magical virtual event experience. Take your mind off the miles with an audio tour during the event with periodic pre-recorded messages highlighting our sponsors and some added motivation directly from the race director!

On the day of your virtual run, hear inspiring personalized audio messages from your friends and family – wherever they are. Plus record your mantras and reminders (fuel, hydrate, pace yourself) to make the day yours!

Instructions for athletes:

  • Download the IMT Des Moines Marathon app. Click here.
  • Then, download the Motigo app. Click here.
  • Sign up for a free account
    • Allow Motigo to “access your location” – it needs to be able to do that so the messages play at the proper mileage points.
    • Choose “Race.” On the next screen, pick “Select Event”, then choose your “Distance.
    • Share Event with your personal link: Invite your friends and family to pre-record cheers that will play during your race. They can download the Motigo App OR go to our website and “Record Cheers” via the web!

On the day of your IMT Des Moines Marathon Virtual Event run:

  • Before your run, open Motigo then click “Start Event” and you’re good to go (make sure cellular and GPS is enabled for Motigo).
  • Turn on any other music or other fitness apps you typically use, such as the iHeart Radio running playlist that is already included in the IMT DMM app. Motigo won’t interfere with them.
  • Start moving! The messages will come on periodically, and your other audio that’s playing will automatically lower in volume.
  • When you’re done, press “Finish Event.” All your messages will be archived in “My Past Events” where you will have them to listen to again.
  • Other questions? Motigo has a super helpful “How It Works” videos and an FAQ page at