Be sure to download the IMT DMM app to stay connected during the IMT Des Moines Marathon Virtual Event. Features include: monthly podcast, runner playlist, Motigo cheer messages, selfie overlay, social channels, and more. Upload your photos and share your Instagram Stories using the hashtag #imtdmm. Available for free download in your app store.

The IMT DMM app and IMT DMM Virtual Event experience are available for free download now through the iTunes and Google Play stores.

Don’t forget to inform your supporters to download the IMT DMM app, as well as the MOTIGO app, so that they can record personal cheer messages for you to listen to during your virtual event run or walk! Download the Motigo app. Click here.

Cheer Messages

The IMT Des Moines Marathon Virtual Event offers athletes the ability to listen to cheer messages during their run thanks to our partners at Motigo.

Imagine hearing cheers from friends, family, even those who are thousands of miles away.

Personalize your IMT Des Moines Marathon Virtual Event race day experience using your favorite music/apps – just add the free Motigo for a truly unique run and magical virtual event experience. Take your mind off the miles with an audio tour during the event with periodic pre-recorded messages highlighting our sponsors and some added motivation directly from the race director!

On the day of your virtual run, hear inspiring personalized audio messages from your friends and family – wherever they are. Plus record your mantras and reminders (fuel, hydrate, pace yourself) to make the day yours!

  • Instructions for athletes:
    • Download the IMT Des Moines Marathon app. Click here.
    • Then, download the Motigo app. Click here.
    • Sign up for a free account
      • Allow Motigo to “access your location” – it needs to be able to do that so the messages play at the proper mileage points.
      • Choose “Race.” On the next screen, pick “Select Event”, then choose your “Distance.
      • Share Event with your personal link: Invite your friends and family to pre-record cheers that will play during your race. They can download the Motigo App OR go to our website and “Record Cheers” via the web!

    On the day of your IMT Des Moines Marathon Virtual Event run:

    • Before your run, open Motigo then click “Start Event” and you’re good to go (make sure cellular and GPS is enabled for Motigo).
    • Turn on any other music or other fitness apps you typically use, such as the iHeart Radio running playlist that is already included in the IMT DMM app. Motigo won’t interfere with them.
    • Start moving! The messages will come on periodically, and your other audio that’s playing will automatically lower in volume.
    • When you’re done, press “Finish Event.” All your messages will be archived in “My Past Events” where you will have them to listen to again.
    • Other questions? Motigo has a super helpful “How It Works” videos and an FAQ page.