Earlier this month I posted about my recent lack of dedication to getting out there and hitting the pavement. My inner struggle with running was allowing excuses and laziness to get in the way of my efforts to maintain running as an important part in my life. Well just like the unsolicited door-to-door salespeople that have come out of hibernation since spring weather has hit (ugh, so annoying!), have I got a solution for you! I decided on April 1st that I was going to run every single day in April in order to get my mind reset and my body ready to start training for a fall full marathon soon. I didn’t care if I ran 1 mile or 5 miles a day as long as I got out there and ran every single day. My challenge has worked so far! I am about 2/3 of the way through my #AprilRunStreak and I am still going strong. I am very proud of myself; it hasn’t been easy to make time for running every day. Sometimes I literally only have time to sneak in just one quick mile at 10 O’clock at night, but I still go out there and get it done. I feel healthier, motivated and most importantly, rededicated to running. The only major downside of going from 15 miles total one month to an anticipated 90 miles the next month is that my legs haven’t been ready. I had a stress fracture in my tibia a few years ago and I almost feel like I have phantom pain in that area, and have had some actual pain on a few days. It doesn’t seem quite like shin splints, and if it is, is a very minor, manageable case. So although my lungs and mind are ready to push it past 4 or 5 miles, my bum-ish leg only lets me tackle 1 or 2 miles some runs. I do not want to re-injure myself so as soon as I feel pain, I usually finish the mile I am on and hope for a better day tomorrow. Regardless though, I am listening to my body and confident I am okay to finish the streak strong this month. I am running a 5K with my 8-year-old son in  a few weeks, so I don’t want to let him down by pushing it too hard now and then not be able to participate with him then. Pending on how the month wraps up I may try to run every day in May too (or at least until I go to Mexico for a week the last week of May when I plan to lay on the beach and sip margaritas all day, yay!). You want to run May with me? I tweet my daily progress @MamaGottaRun. Let me know if you are in and we can #hashtag together! I’d love to read about how you are getting ready for your IMTDMM full or half marathon training plan. Comment below, and as always, happy running!

So far 53.53 miles and still 9 days to go in April.