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Alright, so I finally decided on my IMT DMM distance… Drum Roll Please… the Half Marathon! I know it isn’t as ambitious as the full, and I do want to run a full this year, I just don’t think I will have time to train the way I like to run a full by October. Work, family, kids activities… I just want to enjoy the fall and not have to run 3 or 4 hour practice runs twice per month.

The half will be just fine for me this year and although less training is required, I still do need to figure out a modest training plan and decide when to start it. I run regularly but do need to pick up the distance and pace a bit to get back on track for 13.1 miles. October is still a ways away so I probably won’t start thinking about it until August.

I do need to keep on running regularly though. I am getting 10-15 miles in per week right now, about 3 runs per week. There has been one small problem getting my runs in… my kids! But not for the reason you might think.

Right now my kids want to run with me all the time! I love that my kids are interested in running and it is so cool to share my favorite sport with them. Although it eats into my pace and distance, my two oldest kiddos have been asking to run with me this summer a lot and it great to get them active and spend quality time alone with them. My 6-year old daughter is really into it and my 8-year old son is really into the “idea” of it. My son will be in 3rd grade this fall and will be old enough to start participating in a running club at his school, which ends the program with a 5k. I am super excited for him and can’t wait to see how much he progresses.

I usually run alone (to actually get a break from my kiddos!) so this has been a change. I do love having the company, even though we usually have to stop for drink and walking breaks quite often. I am excited to see if my children end up loving running as much as I do.

Do your kids run with you? Have you decided on your IMT DMM distance yet? Comment below! I’d love know!


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