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As summer progresses, if you are anything like me at all, you are busy. When I am not blogging, running, or blogging about running, I am a college professor who teaches summer classes online (three courses this summer!) while simultaneously staying home all day with my three wonderful but rambunctious children aged 4, 6, and 8. My three kids were all on baseball teams and I figured out that we had 24 games in 24 days at one point.Traveling to see family and friends and going on family vacations also takes up some of our time. On top of all that, I do piles of laundry and dishes each day, plan meals, field trips and activities for my kids, try to keep up on school work for them when I can and I SOMEHOW try to find the time to run.

This “Magical Me Time” called “running” usually has to happen early in the morning before Kansas heat and humidity kick in and also has to happen before my hubby goes off to work (since my kids are too young to stay home alone and would probably kill each other if I tried!). If I can’t drag my lazy bones out of bed in the early mornings then I have to run just before the sun goes down. Evening runs are difficult though for many reasons, including the children’s activities, supper, bath and bed time and trying to get the tornado of a house picked up and ready for more destruction the next day. I am also pretty worn out in the evenings.

When I envisioned what I thought my summer was going to be like I pictured hours and hours of free time to run each week. I imagined hours and hours of free time to blog about running each week. Now that August is almost here, I am realizing that my summer didn’t really pan out the way that I thought it would.

Don’t get me wrong, I am having a wonderful summer and can’t believe how quickly it has gone, but I definitely feel bad that my running and blogging haven’t been more of a priority. I need to figure out a way to reallocate my personal time and resources this fall. I highly doubt my life will get less busy when fall activities start, I go back to teaching on campus, and I start running and blogging more as I train for the IMT DMM half in October. But I need to try harder.

Is anyone else struggling to find time to run?  I am still getting 3-4 milers in with ease, but anything longer seems to take some serious planning and I am just exhausted most of the time. I do make sure that I get at least one 6-miler in every two weeks so that fall training doesn’t sneak up on me too much.

I could use some suggestions. Ideas? What do you do to stay motivated and find the time to run when your life just seems overwhelmingly busy? Comment below!

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