Jeff Galloway transformed himself from an overweight 13-year-old to an Olympian through learning and applying the principles of training.  Over more than 40 years, he has coached over a million runners and walkers to their goals through Galloway training programs, retreats, running schools and books.  His methods allow those at all fitness levels to enjoy the accomplishment of finishing 13.1 miles with almost no risk of injury. Learn more about Jeff Galloway.

His quest for the injury-free marathon training program led him to develop group training programs in 1978 and to author Runner’s World articles and blogs that have been used by hundreds of thousands of runners of all abilities. His training schedules have inspired the second wave of marathoners who follow the Galloway run-walk, low mileage, three-day suggestions to an over 98% success rate.

Jeff Galloway is the official training consultant of the IMT Des Moines Marathon. Jeff has designed two tiers of training programs specific to the marathon, half marathon and 5K distance and has introduced a 5 Mile program as well. The IMT Des Moines Marathon offers Jeff Galloway training programs in beginner with goal to finish and a novice with a goal to finish faster formats.

5K Goal To Finish

5K Goal to Finish Faster

5 Mile Goal to Finish Faster

Half Marathon Goal to Finish

Half Marathon Goal to Finish Faster

Marathon Goal to Finish

Marathon Goal to Finish Faster

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